Unisa Recharge Application Guide

Dashboard Page Guide

  1. This will display your name
  2. This will display you current balance in your account
  3. Enter amount to recharge your account, use the correct format i.e. RRR.cc for example 100.57

This is the incorrect format to enter an amount

This is the correct format to enter an amount

Payment Options Page Guide

  1. Remember to use the correct format, so that value can be as expected
  2. Select either of the payment option's that would be best suited for you.

Payment Options QR (Selection) Page Guide

  1. Selecting QR Code Recharge will open a QR Code with the amount that you entered and you will be able to scan to begin the payment process.

QR Code scan process

  1. Start by clicking on the camera icon to scan your QR Code

  1. Scan the QR Code with your phone

  1. Once scanned you will be redirected to this page choose your preferred bank card that you have inserted and click pay.

  1. After clicking pay you will be redirected to a screen to begin the verification process to make your payment

  1. You will be sent an OTP Code or be required to accept the verification like seen in image.

  1. Your payment will be processed if all steps were followed and verification was approved.

  1. Your recharge payment was successful and your purchase has been completed.

Payment Options EFT/Debit & Credit Card (Selection) Page Guide

  1. If you selected EFT/Debit & Credit Card you will be redirected to this payment portal, where you will be able to make the payment for the amount you entered using a secure payment gateway.

EFT process

Credit & Cheque Card

  1. Fill in your Credit/ Cheque Card details to make the payment through EFT

Instant EFT

  1. Choose your bank
  2. Through your banks online banking or banking app use these details
  3. You must use the account number given to you on this screen and the reference is the Beneficiary that will be generated when you come to this screen.


  1. For masterpass you will go through the same process like in the QR Code scanning section, please refer to that section for assistance.


  1. You can either scan the QR Code and follow the same steps from the QR Code section
  2. Or you can make the payment using the bitcoin wallet address as shown in the image

Debit Card

  1. Enter your mobile number to make the payment using your debit card

Retailer Recharge

  1. Present Code At Any Participating Retailer To Begin Retail Recharge Process
  2. Minimum Amount is R50,00
  3. Maximum Amount is R5000,00

See Retailer Recharge Instruction Video Guide

SnapScan Steps

  • Download the SnapScan App